The Amazing Story of How a
Simple Socket Wrench is Helping
So Many Regular Folks Around America
Finally Get the Financial Freedom They
Thought Was Out of Reach…

Hello, my name is Frank…

And this is a socket wrench…

A Socket Wrench.

This may sound strange, but in a few minutes you're going to see how this common socket wrench could hold the secret to…

  • Doubling your wealth in less than two years… And doubling it again and again.
  • Collecting large cash payments from your investments… Even on stocks that aren't paying dividends.
  • And achieving your retirement dreams, faster than you ever thought possible.

Now, I'm not saying this socket wrench will make you a millionaire overnight.

We're not talking lottery tickets.

I don't know about you, but I've grown tired of hearing all those fantasies.

I prefer straight talk. Not big talk.

I'm just a regular guy from Baltimore.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I didn't go to Harvard or Yale.

I worked hard to get where I'm at… To get what I have.

And I've never worked a day on Wall Street…

My career was in TV and radio.

I started at the bottom. I moved up the ranks, step-by-step.

When I tell you who I worked with…

Folks like Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Dr. Laura…

I may sound like some big shot.

But I've always just been Frank… Your average blue-collar, conservative guy.

The guy in the studio or the production booth making sure everyone looks and sounds good.

Now, I'm a 63-year-old guy who worked hard to make a comfortable life for myself.

Retirement savings? Yeah, I have it.

Do I have all I want? Do I want more?

Well, you wouldn't mind having a bit more, would you? Neither would I.

I don't want to get stuck clipping coupons – or counting on
government handouts – to get me through.
I believe in taking care of myself.

That means my money needs to outlive me. The more I have, the easier it's going to be to make that happen.

And I thought I was doing well. Before 2008, I was confident in my retirement.

But that recession hit my finances like a ton of bricks. I'd spent my whole life building up my financial security… Just to watch it fly right out the window.

Of course, I know… This part of my story isn't original.

It's what happened after though, that is. This investment secret I've discovered.

It's the reason why I'm talking to you today.

Because of what I found, I'm taking back
my hard-won financial security…

Because, with what I'm going to tell you about today, I'm no longer worried…

Now, if you're like me, when it comes to your investments, you want simple answers. Straightforward answers.

A clear way to take the money you have… No matter how little, or how much…

And multiply it.

Then multiply it again and again, over and over.

To get cash out of the market – income you can use. And I'm not talking about one- and two-, or even five-percent dividends, either – I'm talking aggressive income.

And I found everything I was looking for where you'd least expect it…

A Socket Wrench.

Inside this socket wrench.

Discovering this Socket Wrench Secret has changed my life. And I think it can change yours, too.

Like I said, I know it sounds strange…

An ordinary socket wrench – something in your toolbox, in your garage – completely transforming your financial future.

I agree. I thought it was strange too.

I didn't even believe it at first.

Which is why I'm not asking you to believe me right now either.

Let me prove it to you instead.

In the next few minutes I'm going to share with you a pile
of examples. Real-world investments… Windfalls that
have changed the lives of a lot of folks just like me.

In fact, I'm going to share with you many of their stories as well.

Now I don't know about you, but I used to just "buy and hold" my stocks… And then hope they went up. I work for a living. I can't afford to watch the market all day. So the idea of buying and holding a stock to get rich always sounded good to me.

Well, that wouldn't have worked on Gilead Sciences.

Now, Gilead is an exciting company. They have promising new treatments in the works for HIV, cancer, and a whole host of other illnesses. There's every reason to believe this could be a big winner going forward.

And still, if you'd bought and held Gilead for these reasons, you could have felt some real hurt as the stock plunged 45%. Talk about losing hope.

Gilead Sciences Inc.

And this was after the recession – when the rest of the market was headed up, up, up.

But I'll tell you what. Regular folks like me… Folks who used the Socket Wrench Secret skipped all of that.

In fact, folks using the Socket Wrench Secret saw the opportunity to make 210% gains on Gilead.

Gilead Sciences Inc.

And that's not even the best part.

Because of how this socket wrench works…

They were also able to collect something I like to call "Socket Wrench Dividends."

Now these are not regular dividends – they don't even come directly from the company.

And with Gilead, these cash payments could have been equal to 161% of what you had put into the play in the first place.

Let me put that another way. Say you put $5,000 into Gilead. Using the Socket Wrench Secret, you would have gotten $8,050 in cash back. And that's on top of future capital gains.

Now, Gilead doesn't even pay dividends. Yet following along with the Socket Wrench Secret, this is the cash you could have gotten out of the play.

I'll show you how the Socket Wrench Secret makes this possible in just a few moments. Then you can see for yourself exactly how you could get handed big wins like this.

Yet right now, what's important is realizing…

This is happening all the time.

Take FleetCor. Another one of my personal favorites.

FleetCor is an interesting little business. You're familiar with gas station credit cards, I'm sure. We've all had at least one.

Well, the big credit card companies may have taken over the consumer side of that… But for big fleets – commercial customers – FleetCor rules the roost.

They partner with major oil companies like BP and Shell. FleetCor manages the gas card programs these companies offer to their fleet customers which are usually big businesses and government organizations.

This is a huge market. So when FleetCor went public a couple years back, a lot of folks on Wall Street and Main Street got excited with this stock's potential.

Unfortunately, it did a whole lot of nothing in its first year.

By most accounts, FleetCor was looking like a dud.

FleetCor Technologies, Inc.

But for folks like me… Folks who'd already been using this Socket Wrench Secret, it was anything but that.

The socket wrench showed exactly when to get into FleetCor for a chance at a double.

FleetCor Technologies, Inc.

And on top of these gains… Which, by themselves, would be enough to write home about…

This win was another opportunity to cash in on a Socket Wrench Dividend…

Which even FleetCor's original shareholders didn't see.

You had to be using the socket wrench to get the payment. And this didn't take options or anything like that.

If you can buy and sell stocks, you can do this.

Now before we get to exactly how this works, I want to quickly mention CNH Global…

This is a business that's easy to wrap your head around…

When you're driving out in a rural area and you see tractors and harvesters working the fields…

Or when you drive by a construction site and see excavators and bulldozers at work…

It's a good bet some of them were made by CNH Global. They do billions of dollars per year in equipment sales across their different brands.

This is the kind of company – the kind of opportunity – buy and hold investors love… And before I had this socket wrench secret, I know I would have loved them too.

And still, I can imagine that when CNH Global's stock fell by about a third, it made a lot of good folks think they'd made a bad decision.

CNH Global NV

When you take a hit like that to your retirement account – to your investment portfolio – it definitely makes you start to question what you're doing.

But regular folks using the socket wrench, like me and you, saw another double – in just six months – on CNH Global.

CNH Global NV

Plus, the opportunity for yet another big cash payment – 104% in Socket Wrench Dividends.

Now, this isn't one of those "dividend darling" companies either.

In a good year, they may pay one. Even a big one.

Yet – during this six-month window, when you could have collected that big 104% Socket Wrench Dividend – CNH Global didn't pay a dollar in regular dividends.

Again – let's not lose sight of this important fact.

These are real investment opportunities.

And I'll share with you many more real examples like them as we go.

Each one offered folks like us an opportunity for windfall gains…

With the reward of a big pile of cash those Socket Wrench Dividends – bigger than what was put into the stock in the first place.

Now this may all sound new to you, but…

Folks like me have been using this tool for a few years now…

Take Tom Zeigler. He's from a small town in California, called Oxnard.

He wrote me a letter to say that within two months of starting to use this Socket Wrench Secret, "I doubled my money." He was already up 102% on his socket wrench investments.

Kevin Tracy, caught word of this Socket Wrench Secret in North Carolina. He's been retired since 2005. Which means – I'd guess – he's living off his investments and savings.

Now, here's where his story takes a very similar turn to so many others.

"I lost 70% in the markets in 2008."

"And I was down another 50% in 2009."

But when he came across this Socket Wrench Secret, it changed his life.

You see, Kevin made 108% with it – in his first year.

But he was just getting started.

"The 108% sounded pretty good," he told me in his note.

"But now I'm up 315%."

Robert Mathison was another regular guy like me whose life was so impacted by this Socket Wrench Secret, he felt like he just needed to share his story.

In his note, he said it "took 5 to 6 months of patience, but it was worth it."

He said that's how long it took him to make "$40,000 to $50,000." I won't speak for you here, but… If most folks I know made that much, that fast, it'd be a huge help to their finances.

And then there was Mike Monroe, who wrote me from Detroit…

Mike was also looking for bigger gains, faster…

He wrote that he had "lost patience with the lousy 3% I've been getting for so many years…"

Then he came across this Socket Wrench Secret and put it to work… In his note, he said he was… "Investing between $3,000 – $5,000 each time."

As a result, his account was "now up to $186,700."

Yvonne Gould had high expectations.

She said she was counting on this Socket Wrench Secret "To make my retirement a financial success."

Now this may sound like a tall order, but she's speaking from experience.

"I am at the beginning of a two month stay in Maui,
and now I'm considering buying a condo."

Of course, we can talk about money and gains all day long. But Yvonne was onto something…

The ability to buy a condo in Maui that she could enjoy through retirement is the real, tangible difference the Socket Wrench Secret was already making in her life.

She signed her note, "Have another fantastic day."

Now I'll bet if Yvonne does end up moving forward with that condo in Maui, she's going to have a lot of those.

And that's exactly what this Socket Wrench Secret is about.

These are regular folks like me…

We're no Wall Street hotshots…

We're not market experts.

And yet we want to make sure we're always moving farther and farther ahead with our investments.

For me, I buy and sell stocks – that's good enough.


I've heard some folks win big with options. Yet for every story I hear like that, it seems like 100 more go broke on a bad bet.

Futures? Forex?

I don't know anything about them. I don't care to know, either.

There are all sorts of complicated ways to lose money. I don't want anything to do with any of them. I imagine you don't, either.